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 Film Making Camp "Short Films Made by Kids"

  Camp Classes and Activities


  •  Acting/Directing

  •  Claymation

  •  Photography

  •  Videography

  •  Filmmaking

  •  Fieled trips (once a week) and/or meet Interesting                                    People from Film/TV Industry

  •  Movie Theatre (watch a Movie or an Animee)

  •  Set design, scriptwriting, editing, Arts and Crafts                                             and/or Interractive Games


  By the end of each week every camper creates and shoots   either a short animated or live-action film/documentary,       or takes part in the making of a music video.

        Camp Price List


 One Full day/per child -$ 50.00

 Registration fee    - $ 25.00

 Second Child     - 10% OFF

 Third Child         - 15% OFF

 Extended Hours    - $  5.00                (from 4 pm to 5 pm)


For MEMBERS of FOCUS School Organization

(One full day/per child) -$40.00


Camp Schedule


8.45 - 9.00     Kids arrive

9.00 - 9.30       Breakfast

9.30 - 12.00       Classes                      Workshops

12.00 - 13.30         Lunch                       and Movie

13.30 - 15.00     Classes                      Workshops       Fieldtrip/MIP, Filming

15.00 - 15.30         Snack

15.30 - 16.00       Editing                      Set design                    Scriptwriting

16.00         Kids go home

"Short Films Made by Kids"

Camp's  set, workshops, activities and production policies:



1. All images, films and sounds taken or recorded during the camp should be produced according to the Code of Conduct, therefore no graphic scenes/violence/sexuality/coarse language will be allowed in the camp, on set, in the class-rooms and anywhere near.

2. All images, films and sounds taken or recorded during the camps will remain an equal joint intellectual property of the child and DASH PRODUCTIONS INC., therefore they may not be commercially (meaning "for a monetary value") used without an express written consent of either the Child or DASH PRODUCTIONS INC. However, DASH PRODUCTIONS INC reverves the right to use the mentioned above materials for Promotion purposes.

3. We are polite and respectful to everybody.

4. We eat healthy food only.

5. We go outside every day, rain or shine, so we dress appropriately. Weather should not stop production.

6. The Campers have a right to express their point of view and vision, but their imagination will be limited by the reality of life....and by professionally trained grown-ups on set, and in the class-room.

Transportation to and from the Camp is available upon

request - $5-$10/day

depending on location of a pick up.

Camp Dates and Location


August 15-19, 22-26, 29-Sept.2

Inside "Einsteinium Interactive Entertainment Centre"

527 Edgeley Blvd, Unit 3, Vaughan.

Got a Question?
Feel free to Call (647) 702-0452 or e-mail:

 Camp is located at 553 Marlee Ave, North York

(Inside Educational Centre "21 Forward")

 Camp is located at 527 Edgeley Blvd. Unit#3, Vaughan

(Inside "Einsteinium Interactive Entertainment Centre")

Camp is located at 2495 Queen St. East, Toronto

(Inside "Beach Dance Studio")


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