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Artistic/Executive Director


Genadijs Dolganovs, a professional actor and director, was born in Riga (Latvia). In 1991 he had graduated from Latvian State Music Academy (Theatre Faculty) with “Theatre and Film’s Actor” diploma. From 1987 till 1997 he was working with Riga Michael Chekhov Drama Theatre as an actor. Since 1991 he's been the founder and Artistic Director of Theatre-Studio “Magic Flute”. Also, he was invited to teach “Actor Skills” and “System of Stanislavsky” to Italy in 1993-1994 by “Italian Association of Actors”. In 1996 he graduated from Latvian Academy of Culture with Masters Degree in Arts (Directing). At the same time, he was working as an independent director with Riga Theatre of Russian Drama,  Theatre-Studio "Magic Flute”,  Riga Theatre for Young Audience,  Daugavpils State Theatre,  Private Collegiate "Maxima” and a few other independent Theatre establishments.


From 1999 Genadijs has been living in Canada and working in Hollywood Productions, as well as in Canadian Film/TV industry -  In 2008 he graduated from the “Centre for Study of Drama” at the University of Toronto with another Master Degree (Drama).  From 2001 up till now Genadijs has been working as an actor, independent film/theatre director and drama instructor.


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